Is Saudi Arabia the best neighbor? – Saudi Arabia Does It Better Challenge

Hello good members of Toluna!

We hope you feel energized for another Monday because we have another mission for you!

2 (2)

Other than loving our own country, we all have a second favorite. Maybe it’s the country that we promise to everyone that they will “just love it when you visit”, maybe it’s the country you cheer for when Saudi Arabia gets eliminated from the World Cup.

For mission number 7, we want you to cheer for this other country you love so dearly. Write a topic about it and about why you like it so much. If you have a special personal experience with this country, we want to hear about it!

To participate in this mission, please follow this simple rules:

♣ Add the letters «DIB» in front of the title (e.g.: DIB – Under the Portuguese sun)
♣ Complete the mission by 25th March at 23h59

Remember: By joining the Saudi Arabia Does It Better competition, you can earn 3000 points each week and a 10€ voucher at the end!

Good luck!

Toluna KSA Team

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