PayPal Threshold Changes from March

Dear Influencers,

PayPal is an extremely popular reward, and to answer our members’ requests we have extended it to more and more communities. We strive to get better all the time based on your feedback and suggestions with: new offers, contests, lotteries, etc., to make your time on as enjoyable as ever.


For years, Toluna has covered the processing fee for PayPal payments so that the rewards could be kept at a reasonable value. However, its growing popularity lead to a significant growth in the redemption rates over the past few months, which proportionally increased Toluna’s costs.

To help us cover the processing costs while continuing to offer this reward in all countries, instead of adding other limitations, Toluna has decided to increase the threshold of all PayPal rewards by 5 000 points while maintaining the same cash value.

As part of this process PayPal will be temporarily deactivated from 1st March, and will be reinstated by March 15th with the new redemption values.

We understand that this might not seem the best news, but it feels like the most appropriate choice we can make under the current circumstances, without having to take more restrictive and harsher measures impacting our members.

Thank you for your loyalty, understanding and support!

Keep Influencing your world!

The Toluna Team

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