Toluna Weekly Lottery – 16-22 October 2017 

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 3rd Weekly Lottery, for the week of 16-22 October 2017. Please join us in congratulating the following winners, who have each won 100 EUR!

Toluna Weekly Sweepstakes

نورالدين – Morroco
upjse – Saudi Arabia
susan balashazy – United Kingdom
d.livingstone1 – United Kingdom
omggitsangel – United States
kmkali – United States
allislost1 – United States
fullin11 – Switzerland
sheffchuk – Russia
melkar – Turkey
ianian246 – Taiwan
tehweichen9 – New Zealand
panther2468 – New Zealand
hao_lei41 – Singapore
deden2931 – India
1634427849906242 – Japan
とんきち – Japan
sun32ys – South Korea
norhanizawati – Malaysia
focussocute – Thailand
y1a1b1c1d – Hong Kong
to17 – Hong Kong
darriengodoy – Philippines
mapbou – Spain
siretta – Spain

To have a chance to win each week, you simply have to continue being active on Toluna. You can get entries from our Rewards Center and by participating in Surveys.

Good luck for next week!
Toluna Team

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