CCM – Content Creators February 2017

Hello Everyone,

We will like to thank all the members who make this site so enjoyable by posting great content.

We are happy to announce our top 10 Content Creators for the Month of February:


♦ jove86
♦ eagleeye22
♦ nincompoop
♦ rifkhan619
♦ mensei_jam
♦ munimsw
♦ arus20
♦ Adel12334
♦ Shakawat
♦ toohidulislam

Congratulations to you all! We hope to see you on this list again next month!

◘ Reminder- If the same user manages to stay on the list for:
• 3 months in row – He/She will earn an extra 5,000 points
• 5 months in a row – He/She will earn an extra 10,000 points

This is the third month of the program, so we are now announcing the first winners of 5,000 points, for those who have stayed on the list for 3 months in a row:
☺ rifkhan619
☺ mensei_jam
☺ munimsw

Congratulations to you! You will be rewarded 5,000 points within a couple of weeks. Keep up the good work for more points!

To know more about this program please check out the rules here:—Content-Creator-of-the-Month

See you soon on the site for more content bonuses.

Toluna Team KSA

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